Commercial and Residential

Property Maintenance

Spring Clean Up: As the snow melts we are often left with an unsightly mess. Sand, leaves and other debris are left in the wake of winter. It is vitally important to the health and overall appearance of your property for us to remove these things from your pavements, lawns and plant beds. Sand leaves and debris can build up and damage grasses and plants as well as stain pavements and concrete.

Fall Clean Up: The colors of fall are beautiful, even breathtaking. Once those leaves fall however, they can cause damage to your lawn and plants, blocking sunlight and holding moisture. In cases where leaf cover is light it is possible for us to mulch them back into the turf but in most cases we remove all leaves from the property. We also make sure to remove all leaves from under plants because over time leaf build up can cause the plant to rot.

Mulch adds color and texture to your landscape and is more important to the health of your plants than most people think. The most important functions of mulch are to help hold in moisture, prevent weeds as well as distribute some nutrients into the soil. Excess mulch however, can be damaging to your plants. Mulch built up around the trunks of plants, blocks out air and holds in moisture, essentially rotting them. Each year we rake off the top layer of mulch making sure the bases of plants are clear of excess mulch, redefine the edges of the plant beds, and spread a thin layer of new mulch.


Mowing: We all know grass needs to be cut regularly to remain healthy, but how it is cut can be damaging. In most cases we do not cut grass shorter than 3 inches because this can be damaging especially during dry seasons, the longer the blade of grass the greater the surface area to collect moisture. Our mowing blades are always sharp, dull blades can tear grass. Whenever possible we avoid mowing when conditions are excessively dry or excessively wet, and although grass clippings contain nutrients beneficial to the turf, excess clippings are always removed.

Plant Care: Plants (trees, shrubs, and flowers) can require a fair amount of attention. It’s not always as simple as running the trimmer over the tops to maintain their shape. Plants need sunlight, water and nutrients, but they also need a certain amount of air. If a plant becomes too dense, over time it can choke itself. Although the plant may not die you may start to notice that it is browning in some spots or is simply not healthy looking. Every 2 years, often times every year, we remove some of the inner branches of the plant (up to 1/3) to increase the amount of airflow. We will make sure weeds are not growing in the plant as this can have the same effect. Although not always necessary, fertilizing your plants will improve their health, color and growth.

Fertilizing: In a perfect world we would mow your lawns and prune your plants and they would remain lush, colorful, and healthy. The reality is however, that Mother Nature does not always provide everything needed for a healthy landscape. There are many obstacles we must overcome to obtain healthy landscapes. Pests, disease and soil conditions as well as water, nutrients, and sunlight all contribute to the overall health of our landscapes. Although we can’t control the weather, we can responsibly monitor and control the amount of nutrients and the amount of pests present in your landscape.

Snow and Ice Management:
Winters in Maine can be beautiful, and they can also be pretty harsh. Conditions are always changing; it can be snowing in Auburn, but freezing rain in Lewiston. G&G is a bare pavement contractor, which means the majority (many times all) of your pavement will be free of snow and ice within 24 hours (often within 6 hours) of the conclusion of a snow or ice event. We accomplish this by using the latest technology and equipment as well as our 10 years of experience in the industry. There has been much advancement in Technology such as products like Magic Salt. G&G is an authorized Magic Salt dealer. Magic Salt is ordinary rock salt that has been treated with Magic-0 (50% magnesium chloride, 50% distiller solubles). For more information on Magic Salt visit Experience has taught us that pre treating with Magic Salt before a snow or ice event is the most effective way to manage snow and ice. Pre treating allows for a more effective application because the pavement is clear and the salt disperses much more evenly allowing us to use less material. It also allows us to maintain better traction during a storm. Magic Salt prevents snow and ice from bonding to pavement, virtually eliminating hard pack. When plowing is complete pavement is visible and it takes far less deicer to melt the remaining snow and ice. Magic Salt has a higher residual value often eliminating black ice during a thaw/freeze. Equipment has evolved over the past 10 years. We no longer rely strictly on our trucks to move snow, we now utilize our skid steers and loaders fitted with pushers (box plows) to help clear snow from larger sites. Our larger trucks have been fitted with V-plows which, once thought of as slow and sloppy, are now fast, efficient and reliable.