Landscape Design and
Installation Services

Walkways and Steps: The front of your home makes a statement. Does that statement represent you and your lifestyle? There are many materials to consider when creating a front entrance: granite, stone veneers, manufactured blocks, concrete pavers and slabs. G&G will help you create a beautiful design that incorporates the materials and colors that best accent your home and each other.

Outdoor Living Spaces:
When you think of relaxing or entertaining at your home, where do these activities take place? Are you enjoying the outdoors? Do you like to barbeque, or just relax by the pool or fireplace? From elaborate outdoor kitchens with stainless steel, stone veneers and granite counter tops to cozy sitting areas with a fireplace surrounded by seating walls, we can help you create an outdoor living space that best suits your needs and interests.


Pool Decks: Whether you are installing a new pool or looking to give your existing pool an upgrade, concrete pavers are a beautiful investment worth considering. Many people consider pavers as simply an upgrade in terms of appearance and not value. Concrete pavers are beautiful and they are also manufactured to the highest specifications, exceeding the strength and durability often 2-3 times that of poured concrete and other asphalts. Techo bloc has a lifetime warranty on their pavers and block, even if you use rock salt on them.* Try to get a poured concrete company to give you a lifetime warranty on their product. Not only are pavers more durable and more attractive, they are also repairable. Concrete or asphalt will crack and settle needing to be removed and replaced which can be a costly repair and often times will not match the existing surface. Pavers can settle but if this does happen the area simply needs to be picked up, re-graded and set back in place. If your existing pool deck is cracking it is possible in some cases to overlay pavers. With the many choices of pool copings and pavers, in a large variety of colors we can turn ordinary into extraordinary.


Segmental Retaining Walls: A segmental wall refers to a wall constructed out of manufactured interlocking blocks. A segmental wall can serve many purposes. It can add beauty as a seating wall or small retaining wall or be engineered to provide the structural integrity needed for a project. Segmental walls can be engineered to reach unbelievable heights and support unbelievable loads. Segmental retaining walls are a beautiful, functional and affordable alternative to natural stone or poured concrete.


Natural Stone Walls: Although segmental walls have come a long way in terms of color and overall beauty there are many who will accept no alternative to real stone. A natural stone wall constructed from virtually any size, shape or color stone, can be a beautiful accent to any landscape. Natural stone walls can be used for decorative purposes or for minor retention projects adding beauty and value to your home.


Stone and Manufactured Veneers: Stone has been used in the construction of structures throughout history. Structures created from stone were time consuming and often costly because stone is irregular in size and shape. Much advancement has been made over the years including the introduction of veneers. Today we construct buildings using more modern products and veneering them with natural or manufactured veneers. Natural stone veneers and manufactured stone veneers are products that are altered or manufactured to be more uniform in thickness and shape allowing us to simply cover or face the area we desire to look like stone. We can use a stone or manufactured veneer with almost any project. We can use them to cover a kitchen bar, a fireplace or a wall. The options are endless inside and outside.


Water Features: There are many different affordable options when it comes to water features. A water feature can be a small pond, elaborate waterfall, small rock that has been drilled allowing water to flow out of the top and down the sides into a small pool or stone bed, or a series of two or three carved rocks with water cascading from rock to rock. Water features can be very simple and very creative. We can also collect rainwater, from your gutter system, in a small underground storage basin for use in the water feature. A small well designed water feature can impact your landscape just as much as a large pond or waterfall.


Planting: Plants play important roles in balancing your overall landscape. Plants soften a landscape, add color, accent walls and walkways, and can even reduce the apparent scale of a home. We can design a plan that incorporates your favorite plants while accomplishing all of these things. Many large projects are planned in phases to accommodate budgets.


Lawn Installation: A common mistake when planting a new lawn is assuming that all loam and base materials are the same. There are many materials out there being called loam that are simply not adequate for supporting a healthy lawn. Excess clay, excess sand, lack of organic matter, and high ph levels are common problems with most loams. A soil test should be conducted prior to installation to ensure the loam contains the correct properties. Although correcting issues such as excess clay, excess sand, or lack of organic matter can be extensive and costly, high ph levels are corrected fairly easily. Applying lime at the proper rate can adjust the ph, lowering it to an acceptable level. Another important factor is the type of material below the loam. If this material is too sandy or rocky, water will drain through too quickly causing the turf to dry out. If there is too much clay present, the soil can become too hard choking the turf or not allow water to drain and essentially rot the turf. G&G will identify any existing problems and take corrective action. G&G uses quality loam at a proper depth, quality grass seed, and we always apply a starter fertilizer as well as pelletized lime in new lawn installations.


* The use of rock salt is not recommended on StonedgeTM products.