G&G Landscape & Development's GREEN INITIATIVE

G & G Landscape & Development, Inc. is committed to protecting and preserving the environment, by using responsible landscape practices and new technologies to decrease our impact as well as our clients’ impact on the environment. We will accomplish this by implementing the following practices when feasible and economic thresholds allow.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions

  • Use bio-diesel in trucks and equipment when available.
  • Reduce idling time of trucks and equipment. Potential savings of 600-1000gallons of fuel and the elimination of the emissions from that fuel.
  • Upgrade power equipment to new fuel efficient models that consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions.
  • Streamline operations by performing as many services as possible at one time, eliminating unnecessary mobilization.
  • Reduce mechanization when feasible.
  • Prevent ground contamination by washing all trucks and equipment in our wash bay equipped with a grease/oil and water separator.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Reduce by composting green waste generated from operations.
  • Reuse compost in plantings and topdressings.
  • Reduce paper waste by using modern technologies such as e-mail and memory storage devices.
  • Recycle paper, magazines, cardboard, metals, waste oil, contaminated fuels and lubricants.
Pre-wet our Deicing Salt with Magic 0 liquid
  • Reducing our salt usage by 30%.
  • Reducing our chloride impact on lakes and rivers.
  • Reducing the corrosive properties of salt.
  • Reducing the working temperature of salt from 17˚ to -35˚.
  • Reducing the amount of deicer required to melt ice that has bonded to the pavement by treating prior to the storm event and preventing the bond from forming.
  • Increasing the residual effects of the deicer allowing fewer applications at lower application rates while maintaining the same safe parking lot conditions.
Turf Care and Pest Management
  • Use soil chemistry and biology as well as cultural practices that reduce the soils dependence on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Use pesticides in the least harmful and most responsible manner.
  • Use organic based fertilizers and pesticides when feasible.
  • Use spot spray pesticide applications instead of blanket applications.
  • Use pesticides only when necessary.
  • Use aeration, compost topdressing, soil amendments, and over seeding, when possible, to keep soil and turf healthy.
  • Use and install irrigation systems with field sensors when possible.
  • Cut grass at a height of 3 inches.